Entry Criteria


Entry requirements for all programmes for all qualifications must comply with the requirements specified by the relevant authorities, e.g. Department of Education; Department of Higher Education; SETAs, etc.

Each specific programme may require additional competency assessment prior to enrolment.  Contact your campus for the requirements of the programme you want to enrol for. E.g. Electrical - colour competency; Mechanical - eye/hand coordination; Civil and Electrical - no fear of heights.

Students with physical; mental; educational challenges or disabilities must be screened/interviewed, counselled and placed in appropriate programmes, or may be required to submit a report from a qualified psychologist/doctor.

Learnership students will be screened according to the SETA requirements for the programme of enrolment.

An exception may be made by the Campus Manager for admission granted on age and/or experience.  In such instances, it needs to be established that although the student does not have the formal minimum requirement, work experience and maturity make the probability of success likely.

In the case of students with certification from foreign countries, the Department of Higher Education and Training provides the appropriate guidelines.  Where no such guide for a specific certificate can be found, the student may be advised to liaise with SAQA in order to verify the qualification.

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