Becoming a Supplier to Mnambithi tvet College

Procurement commitments at Mnambithi TVET College is to procure and deliver cost-effective and high quality goods to ensure we exceed expectations. In order to become a Mnambithi TVET College supplier, please respond to the tender in the manner indicated. Ensure that all the information requested is completed, before submitting with the requested documentation. Mnambithi TVET College will assess whether your business complies with certain pre-set standards and SCM prescripts, which are required in order to supply certain items/goods or services.

Supplier Database

Mnambithi TVET College only invites and accepts quotations and or Tenders from prospective Respondents who are listed on the National Treasury’s Central Supplier Database (CSD) and who are TAX compliant. Mnambithi TVET College reserves the right not to award business to a Respondent who is not registered on the CSD and/or whose TAX affairs are not in order. To be loaded onto the Mnambithi TVET College’s supplier database the supplier information form must be completed and submitted to:

The Supply Chain Management Department
77 Murchison Street
Ladysmith, 3370

Integrity Pact

The Integrity Pact requires a commitment from suppliers and Mnambithi TVET College that they will not partake in any:

  • Corrupt and fraudulent activities;
  • Anti-competitive practices; and/or
  • Act in bad faith against one another.

Failure to abide to the integrity pact will result in the execution of the blacklisting procedure against the supplier; together with the cancellation of purchase orders or contracts made to the supplier.

Publication of tender

Mnambithi TVET College publishes advertisements of available tenders (above R500 000) in the national and local press as well as Mnambithi TVET College. Consult national and local newspapers like the Sunday Times and the Ladysmith Gazette. We also advertise online via E Gazette and the College website.


Tender submission

Tenders must be put into the prescribed tender box, or faxed to the prescribed number, or email to the prescribe email address before the closing time on the closing date. Late tenders will not be accepted. Tender documents indicate names and telephone numbers of contact persons who can be contacted regarding any uncertainties which may arise while completing the tender documents.

Connect with us

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